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Private Tour Of Tiberias Located On The Shores Of Lake Kineret

Located on the shores of Lake Kineret (the sea of Galilee) Tiberias is Israel's lowest city at 200 meters below sea level. Alongside the Christian holy sites, Tiberias is dotted with the burial sites of Jewish sages, making it one of Israel's holy cities. Pilgrims flock to the tombs of Rabbi Akiva, Rabbi Yochanan Ben-Zakai, Rabbi Meir Baal HaNess, and the tomb of the great philosopher and sage Maimonides. Many come to his grave to pray for livelihood, a partner and even fertility.

Safed, Tiberias & Mt. Meron Tour

Safed, Tiberias & Mt. Meron Tour

One day private tour to the Jewish sites in Tiberias & Safed including visit to "Kivrey Tsadikim" in Meron. Drive north to Tiberias. Visit the graves of Rabbi Meir Baal Hanes and the Rambam. Drive to Safed the center of Kabala via the Sea of Galilee. Visit the Ari Hakadosh Synagogue, where the "Shulchan Aruch" was compiled by Joseph Karo, stroll through the local Artists' Quarter and tour the Visitors Center. From Safed travel to Mount Meron to visit the graves of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai and his son Rabbi Elazar.

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Meron & Kivrey Tsadikim

Meron & Kivrey Tsadikim